...While Advocate Voice is my biggest on-going project, I wanted to share some other projects that I have been working on and some artwork. And a bit about myself as an artist.

My name is Katie Kahalewai. For years I used the pen name of Sparkle Foxie. I grew up in the U.S.A. in a Christian home with loving parents and a wonderful family and church. My parents started working with a ministry organization when I was a kid and we were always very active in the church, so I saw Christ as a daily part of my life. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was a kid and understood then that He had died on the cross for me to save me from my sins.
Ever since then it's been an adventure learning to grow closer to Him and follow His leading! Especially in a secular High School where living by faith was often a test. Those days sure made my faith grow and refined my heart. I studied the Bible a few years in college in a couple of different countries, working with missions and different missionaries, and through that experience met the second love of my life (my hubby! The first love was and still is my Savior.) After a few years abroad in his country we moved back to the U.S.A to raise our family here.

I look back and recognize Christ's saving grace in so many areas of my life. In my childhood as He taught me to genuinely love and to enjoy doing things for Him with my family. In my teen years as He taught me that I could live that love even in a dark place, as well as forgive those who seek to hurt. Also letting Him shine through my weaknesses with His grace. Then He taught me to passionately follow and serve Him without demanding answers by leading me to so many new places and circumstances. And I find that I still have so very much to learn. And in it all, I know it was only by His protection and love that I'm even here today.
Isn't our Savior fantastic?

Well, that's enough story telling for today! Here's some links to other stories I've worked on and my favorite art pieces. Being an artist is an adventure too.