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Advocate Voice
Shiro Maruki thought he had it all... the life of a prince, fighting skills, and the promise to someday take his father's place as the Rebel King of the corrupt kingdom of Koena... until the teen thief was caputred by his greatest enemy, and all world order was turned upside-down. And then, sentenced to death for his crimes, another offered to take his place... but why?
Given a new name and forced to live a completely different way of life, Shiro comes to find that faith, hope and love can have their power in even the darkest of hearts. But will his Rebel family be able to bring him back to the throne?

Advocate Voice is a Christian manga reading left-to-right and with a teen rating, dealing with the issues of faith, depression, abuse, sacrificial love, belonging and forgiveness. Throw in a cocky main character with daggers and constant bad luck, freedom fighters, a dark Rebel King and his underlings, a race of bird people, a little bit of romance and a whole lot of action, and you've got our story! Are you ready to risk it all?

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