... Hi everyone! This is Katie Kahalewai here. I wanted to share with you all something very close to my heart. In Heaven's Eyes is a project with a purpose: to create a collection of short stories in manga form, illustrated verses, testimonies and resources in order to challenge, encourage and aid victims of physical or sexual abuse. The idea started long ago but the project officially launched on the Christian Manga website back in 2011. Since then many people have stepped up and contributed to the collection. My prayer is that this project can someday reach the point that it could be published as a full-length manga novel and given out directly to the hands of those in need. For that reason all participating stories and artwork are created at a print-ready size. For more information about this project and the process please check out the In Heaven's Eyes thread on Christian Manga . I also wanted to provide links to the stories and artwork that have been submitted so far. Go check them out and share them with a friend!

What I'd love to do with this small website is give an invitation to anyone who is interested in joining in, whether you're familiar with the Christian Manga website or not. It doesn't take an expert on the subject of abuse to help an abuse victim. All it takes is a compassionate heart for the hurting. If you like to draw manga, whether you're a beginner or an expert, or if you like designing graphics or do any other kind of art and could illustrate a Bible verse, or if you're a writer with ideas for a story, I'd love to hear from you. Just drop me an email at pepper_kittie (at) yahoo.com . Even if you aren't a writer specifically but have an idea that you would like to share for this project or a helpful website that we should reference please don't be shy to let me know. I'll add to this page as the project progresses. And a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to IHE so far!