... Advocate Voice is a Christian manga drawn western style, which means it reads left-to-right. In the "Read" part of the site you can find a summary of the story and its ratings. For those who are new to the concept of manga, it's basically a Japanese-style comic that tells a story. You can find more information on the Christian Manga Website. Advocate Voice is a Christian manga because the story clearly explains the gospel and teaches Biblical truth. My goal is to show what Jesus taught to those who don't understand, through the lives of the characters, and also to challenge Christians to love others and continue growing despite what may have happened in the past. But first and foremost it's to give glory to God and to share what He's done in transforming me. The Bible clearly teaches that those who are redeemed by the Lord should say so, and share it with others. May He always get all the glory and credit, and not myself. I'm just a Shiro, loved and redeemed by God.

Where to read AV:

You can either read it on the Manga Viewer on this website, or on the Christian Manga webpage.

You can also check out my Blog for more information about my manga news and updates and get in contact with me, Katie Kahalewai.

Gifts from fans

I have recieved a lot of loving gifts over the years from friends and fans, and I love being able to post it all here. Thank you all so much for your amazing gifts! I will always be grateful. The author's names have been added to the images.

Cover Contest

Here are the images for the Cover Contest back in 2011. Aren't they beautiful? Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

More AV Art

Want to see more art? Here are some of my sketches from over the years. Some of these were Christmas specials, some were just for fun while working on the story. Have fun looking into my crazy past works and thanks for supporting AV! If you'd like to get in contact with me just swing by the blog and leave me a comment, or find me on the Christian Manga forums. God bless!